Make A Master's Portfolio Yours

Pick from our diverse range of experienced traders with portfolios you desire and copy their trades with a single click.

Spend Less Time Studying The Markets

Let the Masters do the heavy lifting for you, while our platform automatically copies the trades of your chosen traders.

Timely & Transparent Transactions
Freely Modify Your Profit* Sharing Ratio
Profit* Without Hidden Fees
User Friendly Interface
*Signal Providers may receive a share of the profits derived from Copiers' gains based on the agreed-upon ratio. Vantage does not have control over the performance of your trades or the distribution of gains.
Follow The Footsteps Of Masters

Leverage the expertise and experience of Signal Providers by trading in the markets they are buying.

Eliminate guesswork and make informed decisions to follow the right signal provider. Tap on each Signal Provider's profile to evaluate their past performance and review their portfolio carefully before copying.

How To Sign Up As A Copier

New Users

For new users, select the copy trading account when opening an account on the Vantage App.

Existing Users
Slider Button

New Users

For new users, select the copy trading account when opening an account on the Vantage App.

Frequently Asked Questions
Vantage traders who publicly share their trades for other users to copy.
Vantage users who copy the publicly shared trades of Signal Providers.
Yes, you can! Just make sure your account has sufficient funds and you’re good to go. Copying more than one trader allows you to further diversify your portfolio.
Yes, you can start or stop copying at any given time, even when the market is closed (for instance, during weekends or market breaks). However, the copy order will remain in your portfolio as ‘pending open’ or ‘pending close’ during closed market. The position will only be executed at the first available rate when the market re-opens.
The minimum amount is as low as USD 200.
Once the loss hits the Stop Loss percentage you’ve set, all the positions will be forced to close and you will stop following the Signal Provider
Yes, you can! You have the option to stop an active trade at any given moment.
There is no limit to the number of Signal Providers you can follow/copy.
No, you don’t. First-time signups can immediately open a copy trading account.
If you're a returning user with an existing trading account, simply head to your Profile page to open a copy trading account.
No, you don’t have to pay any subscription fee. Do note that spreads on trades and/or transaction fees will be charged where applicable.
Yes. Click “Transfer” under your “Profile” tab and select the account you wish to transfer to.
Do note that copy trading accounts only accept funds in USD at the moment.